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Our Story

Large family room with fireplaceFerro Building Company LLC – From Our Family to Yours

Welcome to Ferro Building Company LLC. We are excited that you are visiting our website and look forward to the opportunity of providing you and your family with a place to call home. Based in Georgia, Ferro Building Company is licensed to build in multiple states. Our current developments and communities are located in the East Cobb and Atlanta areas.

Ferro Building Company LLC is owned by Licensed Builder, Daniel Ferro. The dream of Ferro Building Company began back in his youth. With a broom in his hand and questions in his mind, Daniel took in the industry and learned about quality craftsmanship from his father, master builder Franco Ferro. Daniel worked with his father throughout his childhood, raking in $5 a day, he saw and participated in the building of hundreds of handcrafted homes in the Michigan area. As Daniel grew older, the passion for home building only grew stronger and in 1999, after over 20 years of being an apprentice of his father, Daniel Ferro became a Licensed Builder in the State of Michigan. He has since become licensed in the state of Georgia and has worked with home buyers to create a picture perfect living environment for his clients. Today the passion that existed over 40 years ago in the Ferro family still burns bright. You will notice the attention to detail, quality of craftsmanship and unmatched features that are a part of each home built by Ferro Building Company LLC. We never take for granted the people who will occupy each and every home that we build. We invite you to come out to one of our developments and see the work of Ferro Building Company LLC for yourself.